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Let’s stop online violence together for the benefit of all children. We have launched the #KIDSAFEDU campaign, whose goals this year are important in relation to Hungarians living in Slovakia as well.175,000 children go online for the first time every day, this means one child every 30 seconds. Being a ’digital native’, to use a fashionable term, has its advantages – but also its disadvantages. As the boundaries between the online and offline worlds are blurring, it is our responsibility to pay attention to what is happening with children online and to help them as best we can. Violence against children can be prevented!


Many children think that if they are not online, they do not exist. They are neglecting their personal relationships in order to become visible and known on social media. But what is real and what isn’t for children on the internet? As even very young children use video sharing sites with little or no supervision, they believe the online word to be safe for them. Later, when they start to use social media, they still believe all headlines, articles and content are true and can be trusted. Children want to trust and believe in those around them, “friends”, acquaintances, they don’t doubt. And this can be used against them by indecent people, adults and children alike.

Who ensures child safety measures and ICT solutions for online education reaching across-borders?

KIDSAFEDU was established to adapt information and educational materials from international – in our case mainly Hungarian – sources and convey them to schools, teachers, students and parents.

KIDSAFEDU is an online project reaching across-borders which calls urgent attention to children’s online safety using child safety measures and ICT tools.

Have you ever considered that you should do now what you will not regret in the future? Can you imagine that what seems funny today, you may be shamed about tomorrow? Is this just a hairy photo, or a taunting comment? Are you sure you are not hurting someone with it? How would you explain your reasons for sharing something if an adult asked you? Because abuse has its consequences in the online world as well! And the victim has right of action!

Consider before you post or share embarrassing content!